Getting up early - the best tips for grumpy mornings and late risers

Früh aufstehen - die besten Tipps für Morgenmuffel und Langschläfer

Are you an early riser or a late riser? Or even a real morning grouch? We all usually have our usual time when we can get out of bed. But sometimes it is necessary to get up earlier. Perhaps you also know the feeling of not being able to get everything done during the day that you actually wanted to do? Then you will probably resolve to get up earlier from now on in order to start a successful day fresh? So that you can finally put this resolution into action, we would like to give you a few tips that are guaranteed to help you not only get out of bed early in the future, but also in a good mood.

Why get up early at all?

Before we think about strategies for getting up early, we would first like to explain why it makes sense to get out of bed early. This way you know exactly what benefits the changed sleeping and waking habits will bring you, and it will also increase your motivation to persevere.

Enjoy the peace and time for yourself

Especially in the early morning, it is still quiet outside and the other family members are often still asleep. You can use this silence, especially if you are not a morning person, to gather strength for the day, for example with a fragrant cup of coffee at sunrise. Depending on when you have to go to work, you still have time beforehand to do sports or things that you no longer have the time, desire or energy for after work. Or you can use the quiet directly to work in a concentrated and undisturbed manner, which is sometimes not so easy when working from home or as a self-employed person.

Start your day stress-free

Sometimes you're short on time in the morning. Lots of things need to be done before you can head off to work or start your actual day's tasks. If you get up early, you'll have enough time for everything, you won't have to rush around and you'll be much more relaxed throughout the day. So getting up early is worth it in more ways than one.

From late riser to early riser

Once you have realized that you will have clear advantages as a future early riser, the first steps will be much easier. So here are our unbeatable tips so that you too will no longer be one of those grumpy morning grouches and late risers.

The alarm clock

This tip is quite obvious, but also quite effective. The alarm clock is usually responsible for you waking up at such an early hour. And since you don't want to just keep sleeping or hit the snooze button several times in the future, you should do the only right thing in this situation, namely get up. Get out of bed. That will get your circulation going straight away. To avoid being tempted to treat yourself to an extra five minutes, it's best to set your alarm clock far enough away that you have to get up to turn it off. It's best not to choose a melody as the alarm tone that will keep you comfortably asleep. Instead, set a song, for example, that really wakes you up and motivates you to start the day.

Start the day with light

In summer, it is usually easier to get out of bed because it gets light much earlier. You can take advantage of this by simply not pulling down the blinds or curtains completely. The light that comes in gives you energy straight away and makes it much easier to get out of bed. If it is still dark outside when your alarm goes off, it makes sense to turn on the light as soon as possible. This gets your circulation going and your tiredness disappears. So-called daylight alarm clocks simulate a sunrise and let it slowly get light in your bedroom. Combined with a birdsong alarm tone, this is a very pleasant way to wake up.

Getting up begins with going to bed

How and when you go to bed in the evening determines how you get up the next morning. In order to feel fresh and well-rested, it is of course necessary to have had enough sleep. If you don't yet know how much sleep you need, you should try out whether you wake up refreshed with seven or eight hours, or with more or less sleep. No matter how much rest you need, it is important that you go to bed early enough in the evening so that your body has enough time to regenerate. This is the only way your body will get used to the sleep rhythm and you will be able to get up early in the long term.

Rituals bring routine

Fixed routines help you to internalize and maintain new habits. Both when going to bed and when getting up, they can ensure that you become an early riser with ease and a good feeling. Evening rituals are particularly useful for relaxing and falling asleep well. Your smartphone or television should be turned off shortly before going to sleep. Instead, you can read a good book, review the day and think about what you particularly enjoyed today and what you are grateful for. Relaxing music can also help you switch off and ensure a contented feeling before going to bed. Morning rituals can also help you wake up and start the day better. There are many ways to incorporate these into your start to the day. For example, this could be a large glass of water that you drink when you get up, or a cup of coffee that you enjoy on the balcony at sunrise. If you want to do something for your health, oil pulling might be something for you. You put a spoonful of good oil in your mouth and rinse your teeth and gums with it for up to 20 minutes. This can be done in the shower and detoxifies your body. Maybe you are one of the more active people and you start the day with some exercise or a jog in the fresh air. No matter which morning ritual you like, it is a solid basis for a good start to the day.

Planning and organization are everything

A lot depends on planning and organization. That's why you should make getting up early, which may still be difficult, as easy as possible. You can get your clothes ready the night before, prepare breakfast, pack your bag for the office, etc. This not only gives you time in the morning, but also reduces stress. Instead, you can have breakfast in peace or start the day with pleasant music, whatever you like best.

There has to be a reward sometimes

Finally, one last but very important tip. From time to time, for example every Sunday, you should reward yourself for your perseverance and sleep or stay in bed as long as you want. And you should do this without feeling guilty, because you really deserve a regular cheat day.

The day belongs to early risers

Now it's up to you! With our tips, it will be relatively easy to implement, so that you will soon find your new daily routine. And if you do find it difficult to get out of bed, remember the advantages of getting up early. It is the first important task of the day and gives you the good feeling of having already accomplished something. This way you can face the rest of the day with ease.


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