Seduction to go – perfumes as emotion boosters

Verführung to go – Parfums als Emotionsbooster

Seduction to go – perfumes as emotion boosters

Some women simply succeed at everything. At every appearance, the world of men is at their feet. They often feel like a wallflower. It can't be down to the dress, make-up and hairstyle alone. Research has known more for a few years now: certain scents attract men.
Pheromones were already a component of perfumes in the 1960s. But who would have thought that they would have such an effect? ​​Knowledge pays off if you want to fulfill your wishes. Finding the right man with perfume? Nothing could be easier!
According to Dr. Winnifred Cutler and Dr. Richard Doty from Pennsylvania, scents have a significant influence on our social behavior.

Magic of scent, magic of attraction

Everyone knows the feeling: some scents simply attract us irresistibly. Hardly anyone can resist the appeal of vanilla, lemon and a spicy cedar note. They have been part of our perfume canon since ancient times. We are generally not aware of their direct effect on our psyche.
The parallel is obvious: the smell of fresh coffee in the morning also awakens the spirits and motivates you to get up.

In fact, scents are closely linked to our conscious and unconscious behavior. They have a direct effect on the cerebrum and trigger a whole series of complex actions. Aromatherapy uses this effect. Emotions are also aroused in passing. At the same time, our sense of smell is essentially influenced by hormones. If the estrogen level rises shortly before ovulation, a woman's smell changes. Men literally fall for her. And vice versa: women react more strongly to testosterone during this phase and unconsciously give macho men better chances.
Studies suggest that there is even more going on: men and women communicate (without knowing it) via pheromones. These messenger substances have a decisive influence on our behavior.

Another form of communication: mysterious pheromones

A deep look in the eyes, a springy gait, a charming back - there are many things that can excite a man. Some swear by that certain something that no one can really describe. The solution to the puzzle may now be in place: neurotransmitters dictate what happens and whether a man feels attracted or remains indifferent.
Perfumes with pheromones can break the ice. A casual date might turn into the first encounter with true love when Mr. Right sits at the table.

When getting ready, you don't just have to pay attention to perfect make-up and hairstyle, the ultimate high heels aren't necessarily important either. You should concentrate more on the perfume and the scent. Men's preferences can be contrary to your own feelings. The number one women's perfume for men is floral fragrance compositions. Spicy scents with cinnamon or cedar aromas are much less popular. It's best not to try musk and citrus on HIM. It's worth choosing a perfume carefully and studying the ingredients. With the addition of hedione, a fragrance that activates receptivity to pheromones, you're on the safe side.

Match! Find true love with the right molecule mix?

It sounds amazing and seems a little like magic: Can you really find the right partner with a perfume? It's not quite that simple. Perfumes are not love elixirs and perfumers are not alchemists. Nevertheless, there is something to the hype surrounding perfume and its very special scents.

Even Cleopatra relied on fragrant essences. According to current knowledge, her fragrance mixture of mandrake, camphor and myrrh was not perfect, but power and charisma probably made up for that. According to recent research, the molecular structure of hedione has a strong stimulating effect. The synthetic fragrance has been added to perfume recipes for a long time. Its full effect is only now becoming clear to us. Combined with the right outfit, you have a good chance of achieving a stunning effect.

If you are smart, full of charm and ideas, a man can either fall for you or he is simply not the right one. The Cleopatra factor should also be considered, however. The famous queen seems to have been charismatic and clever above all, because judging by her profile, her famous nose was probably not very beautiful. So intelligence is at least as sexy.

Fragrance to dress – composition of an outfit

You can play around with scents. Making the right decision is not that easy. It is difficult to set general guidelines because every person naturally smells a little different. That is what makes choosing a perfume so appealing. Base, heart and top notes always develop individually.

The composition of a fragrance is a bit of a science. When choosing, you should know that the top note evaporates the fastest, the heart note lasts longer and the base note lasts the longest. Even with a floral bouquet, the base note can contain spicy components such as cedar or musk.

Overall, you should make sure that your shower gel, body lotion and all scented products create an overall tone. During the day in the office, you keep it subtle, but in the evening for a tête-à-tête, you can go a little more and be more lavish with your scent. Eau de Parfum has the highest proportion of fragrance, followed by Eau de Toilette with a lower concentration and Eau de Cologne as a lighter variant.
During the day, the more fleeting alternatives are preferable, while later in the evening you can reach for the expensive perfume.

Achieving goals through synergies

The choice of cosmetics and perfume should be just as careful as the combination of look, make-up and hairstyle. Your own style is the focus. Jewelry, clothing and accessories underline your personality. It is important to always keep the overall impression in mind. Sometimes less is more and naturalness is a clear plus.

Reducing the number to individual pieces and matching them to a scent will bring more than many different aromas. For the scent to be successful, it should be placed correctly. The places that men find eye-catching are ideal for this: the neck, throat area and earlobes. Don't forget the insides of the wrists and the décolleté.

Some people also put a little perfume in their hair, but be careful! Perfumes contain alcohol, and hair perfumes with nourishing substances are better for hair. The trendy hair mists have long been available in all popular scents that harmonize with the actual perfume.
If the floral basic orientation is right, men will feel consciously and unconsciously addressed and nothing will stand in the way of getting to know each other.

Beauty secret in dating tests or as relationship support

Now you know the secret behind pheromones, fragrances and essences. On your next date, you'll know exactly what to do to impress your crush. While the messengers communicate unconsciously, you can express clear opinions in conversation and play the flirt card.

Your scent also inspires you. What could be better than a precious perfume? It boosts your self-confidence and therefore your charisma. Perfumes also have another special feature: they shape and awaken memories. The next meeting will feel much more familiar to the person you are talking to. Psychology and emotions are a big topic in perfume design. This is exactly the effect you want to achieve. So there is a bit of magic involved.
This doesn't just work on a first date, but also in long-term relationships. A new perfume can work wonders and bring a breath of fresh air. This way, you can create new memories and maintain a close bond by showing your loved one how important they are to you - consciously and unconsciously.


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