1st place - Pryalesin Derma Duo

Platz 1 - Pryalesin Derma Duo

Review Pryalesin Derma Cosmetics – Pryalesin

Pryalesin was founded in the USA in 2003 by two Germans. The company has its creams produced in Germany and wanted to bring "cream with German quality" to the USA. And it was worth it. The startup now has 12 shop-in-shop systems in the USA, where experienced beauticians look after customers.

Why number 1 and what makes Pryalesin so special?

It works! Thanks to the process developed by Pryalesin, which uses 2 combination creams that are coordinated with one another and work together to act on the body in almost a symbiotic way. The price of Pryalesin is also really cheap. It is important to note the high-dose ingredients and the quantity. In a set of 2 for €77, one can only costs €38.50, including free shipping throughout Europe.

In the test with: Laura, Annika and Gül (summary)

We were completely delighted with Pryalesin. The creams come in 2x250ml, which was enough for just over 4 weeks. All 3 of us noticed a clear improvement in cellulite. The biggest effect was seen in Annika with type 2/type 3 cellulite. All in all, the best product we were able to test. The only drawback, as with Clarins Body lift Cellulite, is that it smells a bit like forest or menthol. (Only the night cream), but you don't notice this in the morning when the cream has been completely absorbed.

The price is a bit too high for us, but this statement is bordering on naive calculations. Pryalesin comes in 2x250ml with high-dose ingredients, which is more than double the price of Clarins, for example, and when we extrapolate, Pryalesin is a lot cheaper than the cream, which is also more effective for us.

Conclusion: Really deservedly number #1 in the test. As a specialist provider of anti-cellulite cream, Pryalesin is really worth a try for anyone looking for a high-quality cosmetic product with incredible long-term effects.

Ingredients: Cosmetics check passed

The testers liked the following:

Very good effect

Great results after just 2 weeks

Good price-performance ratio

The testers did not like the following:

Smell after cream the first 5 minutes

Apply twice a day (morning and evening)

Design tin (very simple pharmacy)


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