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Platz 6 - Brasilian BumBum Creme

Brazilian BumBum Cream

My experience with the Brazilian BumBum Cellulite Cream

As a woman, the hope of getting rid of cellulite is always there and I have tried all sorts of creams and solutions. The latest one I have tried is the Brasilian BumBum Cellulite Cream. The cream has a lot of positive reviews and I couldn't resist trying it. I unfortunately only tested it for a week and here are my results.

The cream has a really pleasant scent and the texture is rich and creamy. I felt like my skin immediately became softer and smoother when I applied the cream. I used it twice a day on my thighs and hips where I have cellulite. However, after a week I didn't see great results, but I already knew that. I felt like my skin looked a little firmer and tighter.

I used the cream like a body lotion and felt that the product worked really well because of its texture and scent. However, as a cellulite cream it was not effective, the reason: the jar was empty after a week, meaning I didn't have enough time to test it over a longer period of time. For the price of 50 ml, I was disappointed as it was too expensive and of course couldn't bring results in a week.

I checked the ingredients list and realized that it contains a lot of natural oils and extracts that, when combined with the caffeine blend, can help soften and firm the skin. I think it's fine to use as a body cream to achieve softer skin, but as a cellulite cream, I wouldn't recommend it at least at this time.

The downside of the cream is the size of the jar. With only 50 ml, it was quickly empty and I had to order a new one. If someone only wants to treat a few areas, it may be fine, but if they have cellulite all over their thighs, it is not sufficient.

In conclusion, I can say that the Brasilian BumBum Cellulite Cream has a pleasant texture and an extremely pleasant scent. If you are looking for a rich and moisturizing body cream, this can be a good choice. As a cellulite cream, it has not produced any results in the short time and it is too expensive to keep ordering more jars.


The Brazilian BumBum Cellulite Cream is a moisturizer that smells nice and feels good on the skin. However, as a cellulite cream, in my opinion, it is not effective and the price of the jar is quite high for the mini jar.


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